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Paradise Electric Consult Ltd.

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Paradise Electric Consult

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Paradise Electric Consult Ltd. Performs specialized and professional services in lightning protection and earthing system
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Damage caused by overvoltage and surge

Paradise Electric Consult prevents

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Engineering Services
Full Cathodic Protection
Paradise Electric Consult performs
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reliable and quality power supply

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We offer fast services and affordable products for your projects!

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Free software for lightning protection design

Program for carrying out analysis of lightning risk assessment for any building. The program is based on the methodology established in the international standard BDS EN 62305-2: “Lightning protection – Part 2. Risk assessment”.

Exothermic welding THERMOWELD

The use of THERMOWELD welding material leads to a chemical reaction between its special powdered components – copper oxide and aluminum. The chemical reaction is carried out in a graphite mold. Upon reaching the required temperature, the welding material melts and flows into the cavity of the mold where the wires that are to be joined are located. The finished weld cools for a short time and the mold can be removed and the next weld made.

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Paradise Electric Consult. Ltd provides consulting and specialized engineering services in the field of the lightning protection, grounding and cathodic protection systems.
The company also offers protection against surges, electromagnetic compatibility, building up electrical installations and services related to energy management and power quality.
We also offer the latest and most effective protection IONIFLASH MACH NG lightning rod.


Paradise Electric Consult Ltd. guarantees the safety of people and material goods by applying modern technologies in the field of the lightning protection, grounding and cathodic protection systems.
Paradise Electric Consult Ltd Company aims to be your preferred partner in the field of the lightning protection, grounding and cathodic protection systems as well as it contributes to the professional development of young engineers in Bulgaria thanks to the following trainings: lightning protection and earthing systems, surge protection, improving the quality of electricity, energy management and cathodic protection systems.


1. A guarantee for your own and your property’s safety.
2. A guarantee for effective and high quality energy services.
3. Preventing the electrical installations from power breakdowns and damages.
4. Preventing accidents and loss of electrical and electronic equipment.
5. Increasing the professional competence level of the technical and engineering stuff.
6. Preventing the corrosion of metal structures.


1. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the field of lightning protection and energy management that have developed their own unique and innovative know-how.
2. We perform custom projects according to the client’s needs.
3. We offer complete technical solutions according to the European quality standards.
4. We are partnering with several global companies, leaders in the technology of lightning protection, grounding, surge protection, power quality, and cathodic protection systems.
5. Our approach is always characterized by professionalism and respect for our customers and we work towards mutual development and guaranteed mutual success.


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