Free lightning protection design software

A program for risk assessment analysis against losses caused by lightning for any building.
The program is made based on the methodology, established in the international standard BS EN 62305-2: “Lightning protection – Part 2. Risk Assessment.”According to the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) before proceeding with lightning protection system design for any object or building, the risk of damage from lightning must be assessed.

The most important and key elements needed to make such assessment include:

  • Keraunic level (annual number of days with active atmospheric activity level of a lightning
    margin) of the area where the building/facility is situated.
  • The type, purpose and height of a building tested for risk assessment – separately located,
    surrounded by higher or lower buildings, etc.
  • Availability of electronic equipment in the building, which can fail because of lightning in the
    area or as a result of atmospheric surges in the network or electrical switching.
  • The power supply type of the building – underground or overhead.
  • The fire resistance degree of the building.
  • Presence of fire alarm in the building, extinguishing systems and fire extinguishing resources.
  • The number of people in the building or in immediate proximity of it.
  • What material is the floor of the building made of (concrete, ceramics)

Our company offers you the following FREE program INGESCO to carry out analysis of risk assessment against a lightning defeat for any building.