Surge Protection BalkanFarma

Surge Protection BalkanFarma

Paradise Electric has designed the surge protection system, supplied and installed the SPDs against atmospheric and switching voltages in the electric panels of the Actavis Troyan plant.

In order to determine the required protection in the electrical switchboards of the plant, we made a preliminary study, which included:

– In-situ inspection and shooting of electrical panels; Risk assessment of buildings against overvoltages of atmospheric and commutation origin; Determination of the surge strength (Uw) levels of the equipment installed in these buildings; Inspection and inspection of the earthing system in electrical panels; Distance between switchboards; Determination of lightning protection zones (LPZ), etc.

After making the project, it was found that it was necessary to protect 46 electrical panels of the factory. The project proposed to install Raycap surge protective devices, which is an international leader in the manufacture of surge protection technologies for any system. The SPD models that were installed were SAFEBLOC B 100/275 (4 + 0): 1 + 2 level, SAFEBLOC B 75/275 (3 + 0): 1 + 2 level, SAFETEC C 160/275 (4 + 0) 2 level and SAFETEC C 120/275 (3 + 0) – 2 level.

Paradise Electric Consult installs all the protections and puts them into operation.