lightning training
Paradise Electric has a very clear mission - to provide necessary knowledge and experience to achieve an efficient, safe and reliable electric
Electrical Projects Design
The design of electrical installations includes: Preparation of the project documentation for the electrical part of the construction objects in all phases
lighting protection
Full Engineering: Design, diagnostics, maintenance, and construction Lightning protection installation, which is designed and constructed according to the modern operating international standards
Grounding Systems
Design, Installation and maintenance of grounding systems. We offer full engineering services for grounding systems: Design, diagnostics, maintenance and construction. The grounding
Surge Protection
PROTECTION FROM ATMOSPHERIC AND COMMUTATIVE SURGES The statistics show that the surges generated by lightning and electric commutations cause most of the
cathodic protection

Corrosion is an aggressive form of rusting. The rust of each fuel tank or gas pipe can be fatal. The heavy tanks

energy management
Power quality research: Our company, Paradise Electric provides research and analysis of the electrical system power quality for residential buildings and business
Maintenance of lightning protection system
Revision, diagnosis, and maintenance is a necessity in any lightning protection system. In fact, some components may lose their effectiveness over time