Control Measuring Test Station

CP Test Station : Cap, Terminal Board and Collect Nut made from Makrolon® polycarbonate. One of the toughest plastics in the world.

Hardware : Standard nickel plated brass or optional stainless steel for guaranteed long service life. Up to 11
terminals accessible from both sides of the board.

Accessories : All BigFink® terminal boards can accommodate COTTShunts®, Slide Resistors, COTTMeters® (Volt or Amp) Burndy connectors, Cott bonding/shorting straps, Banana Jacks, ZAPGard®, locking devices, lightning arrestors and flange mounting brackets.

Colours @ Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black are standard on BigFink® and COTTPipe®. Any colour is available as an option.

Support Post : COTTPipe® PE (standard) polyethylene has over 20 years of proven durability. COTTPipe® PC (optional) polycarbonate is available for the toughest applications. Standard length 6 feet, available to 40 feet. Available in models to fit 1-1⁄4″, 2″ and 3″ pipe


Test station serves to periodically measure the protective potential of the pipeline.