Cathodic protection (CP) of industrial gas pipeline in the city of Pernik

CP rectifier

We are delighted to share our success, that we constructed cathodic protection (CP) of the industrial gas pipeline which supplies the Automotive gas supply station for compressed natural gas (CNG) from the gas distribution station of Pernik to the site of the automotive gas station owned by LARGO INTERNATIONAL LTD.

In May our company installed one automatic rectifier, made in Russia by the Russian company PSS Export, and 4psc. Silicon Iron rod anodes by the company named Cathodic Protection Co Limited. We also installed 9 pcs. Test station through the pipe, model BIG FINK, made in the USA. For the corrosion protection of steel casings we installed 12psc. magnesium anodes. The cathodic protection system will ensure the pipeline with over 25 years of service life without any risk of corrosion. We, at Paradise Electrict, are fully acquainted with all up-to-date international standards NACE and ISO for cathodic protection and we successfully apply this knowledge for the design and construction of the CP systems. Our company can complete such cathodic protection projects.

Our company is specialized in the construction of external and internal cathodic protection (electrochemical corrosion protection) of metal pipes and grounding installations, gas pipes, ships, ports, gas and petroleum storage tanks, water pipelines, tanks etc. We have extensive experience in industrial services by providing integrated solutions for galvanic corrosion problems.

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