Thunderstorms in Real-Time Bulgaria – Map

Гръмотевична активност България

Thunderstorms in Real-Time Bulgaria – Map

This interactive map of Bulgaria with thunderstorm activity provides real-time information on current and forecasted thunderstorms in the country. Whether you are outdoors, planning a trip, or just interested in the weather, this map will help you stay prepared and informed. The map data is provided by –

Features of the Thunderstorm Activity Map:


Updates every few seconds with the latest information on thunderstorm activity.

Thunderstorm Forecasts

Forecasts for thunderstorms for the next hours and days.

Geographic Details

Zoom in and out to see details for specific regions and cities.

Thunderstorm Alerts

Set up alerts for your location to be warned about approaching thunderstorms.

Historical Data

Access archived data on thunderstorm activity from the past days and weeks.
Our map is designed to provide users with reliable and up-to-date information so they can plan their activities safely and efficiently. Take advantage of our services and stay informed about the weather in Bulgaria at any time.

Lightning Protection

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Thunderstorms in Real-Time Bulgaria

Thunderstorm App

Thunderstorm apps are powerful tools that provide users with up-to-date information on atmospheric conditions and upcoming storms. You can download a similar app for your phone from Google Play: “My Lightning Tracker & Alerts”

They use data from weather radars and satellites to forecast the weather with high accuracy and in real time. With these apps, you can receive warnings about thunderstorms, lightning, and other hazardous weather events, allowing you to plan your activities more safely. Some of the most popular apps include features such as a storm map, detailed forecasts, and safety tips, making them indispensable for anyone who wants to be informed about weather conditions.

Storm Map

The storm map is an interactive tool that visualizes current and forecasted thunderstorms in various locations around the world. You can track in real time on the site we use for this information – These maps use data from various meteorological sources, including radars and lightning sensors, to provide accurate and timely information. They allow users to see where storms are forming and moving, as well as their intensity. Storm maps are useful for meteorologists, pilots, sailors, and ordinary citizens, providing a visual way to track dangerous weather conditions and take precautions.

Where Do Thunderstorms Occur Worldwide?

Thunderstorms occur worldwide, but their frequency and intensity vary depending on geographic location and climatic conditions. Tropical regions, such as those around the equator, are most susceptible to thunderstorms due to high temperature and humidity. For example, Africa and South America often experience powerful storms with intense thunderstorm activity. In Europe, thunderstorms are more common in the spring and summer, especially in the southern and central parts of the continent. North America, particularly the Great Plains region, is also known for frequent thunderstorms and tornadoes.

What Are Thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms are powerful sound waves caused by lightning during a storm. They are created when the electrical energy of lightning heats the air to extremely high temperatures, leading to explosive air expansion and the formation of the sound wave. Thunderstorms can range from muffled rumbles to deafening crashes, depending on the distance and intensity of the lightning. They are an important indicator of the proximity and strength of a storm and can serve as a warning of potential danger, especially when accompanied by intense lightning and precipitation.

Thunderstorms in Sofia

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is not immune to thunderstorms, especially in the spring and summer. The city is surrounded by mountains, which contributes to the formation of local storms with sudden and intense thunderstorms. These storms can cause significant disruptions in the daily life of Sofia residents, including power outages and transportation issues. However, thanks to modern meteorological technologies and warning systems, Sofia residents can be informed about upcoming storms and take necessary safety measures.

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