Personal Biography

ernesto noriega stefanov

Ernesto Noriega Stefanov

CEO, Founder
Ernesto Noriega Stefanov is the founder of Paradise Electric Group. He currently serves as a CEO of this expanding company.

Eng. Ernesto Noriega Stefanov is highly experienced in the field of lightning protection systems, earthing, cathodic protection, electromagnetic compatibility and energy quality.



Date of Birth

05 September 1973

Place of Birth

Havana, Cuba


After completing his secondary education, Ernesto Stefanov continued his studies at the University “Marta Abreu” in Santa Clara, Cuba, where he got his:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Master’s degree



After his graduation from the prestigious university, he worked for several years as a specialist at the Cuba’s National Electricity Company.
Consultant in Brazil, Poland,Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Spain
In 2011 he represented Bulgaria at the International Lightning Protection Association 1st Symposium in Valencia, Spain.
He is the author of the first book on lightning protection in Bulgaria “Lightning Protection of Photovoltaic, Wind and Hybrid Power Plant” issued in 2013.
In Bulgaria he joined the team of experts and specialists who prepared Ordinance 4 / 22.12.2010 on lightning protection of buildings, outdoor equipment and open spaces.


During the period of 2011-2012, Dipl. Eng. Ernesto Stefanov, the manager of Paradise Electric Consult has consulted and managed significant number of lightning protection and grounding protection
projects in Peru for many important companies, such as Mining And Processing Complex Volcan, Telecom Operator Movistar, etc.


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