Exothermic welding ThermOweld

Thermal welding for the construction of earthing installations and cathodic protection against corrosion

The use of ThermOweld welding material leads to a chemical reaction between its special powdered components – copper oxide and aluminum. The chemical reaction is carried out in a graphite mold. Upon reaching the required temperature, the welding material melts and flows into the cavity of the mold where the conductors are to be joined. The finished weld cools for a short time and the mold can be removed and the next weld made.

This is an electrical connection process using exothermic welds, extremely efficient and easy to use, without the need for an external power source, gas cylinders or other equipment commonly used in conventional welds. Every worker or electrician with minimal training can use graphite molds designed and manufactured by ThermOweld for various types of welding. As a result of this process a lasting electrical and molecular bond is achieved which can not be loosened or corroded. Compared to the ordinary bolted connections, which are the most widely used in Bulgaria, the ThermOweld connection is much more efficient and reliable. This exothermic connection is much more resilient to high currents than the wires connected through it.

Paradise Electric Consult offers a wide variety of molds and welding material for making exothermic welds for the construction of earthing installations. Exothermic welds are designed for all areas of power engineering, informatics, telecommunications, and other important industrial sectors.

We offer you efficient and reliable earthing connections of extremely high quality!