IONIFLASH MACH NG, the best lightning rod!

In order to ensure reliable and secure lightning protection, it is necessary to apply quality and efficient technologies. These technologies must be tested and tested in independent international laboratories.

The IONIFLASH MACH Lightning Interceptor of the French FRANCE PARATONNERRES is the first lightning rod of this type to combine the latest research and experimental results made under real lightning strikes.

What’s more special about the IONIFLASH MACH E.S.E system?

Years of work and trials demonstrate the significant superiority of a forward-looking lightning-rod with a rounded peak, compared to a lightning-beacon pointed at the same real-time lab conditions and atmospheric storms. The rounded lightning rod is much more efficient because it emit ions more difficult, so the values of the electric field around it are always high, so the upward leader that goes from it spreads over a longer distance, there is a greater probability of connection by the downstream leader. IONIFLASH MACH rods meet the requirements of NFC standard 17-102-2011 and those set forth in IEC 62305.

The IONIFLASH MACH lightning barrier protects against  all lightning strikes positive and negative.

The absence of fragile elements in the lightning rod makes it reliable and resistant to lightning strikes.

How operate the ESE lightning rods?

All the ESE lightning rods, regardless of their type and radius of action, differ from the conventional (with the Franklin rod) in that they ionize the air around their top, thus forming a rising leader. They are called “early streamer emission system” as they launch an upward leader for much less time than conventional air terminal.

The IONIFLASH MACH NG lightning rods capture the energy emitted by the downward lightning leader through a system consisting of a simple top (connected to the ground) and insulated metal parts (with an electrical potential dependent on weather conditions). Just before the lightning strikes the voltage between the top connected to the ground and the other metal parts increases rapidly to thousands of volts. When the potential reaches the required voltage for ionizing the air, sparks are formed inside the lightning conductor, which leads to the formation of an energy charge in the shape of a rising leader.

What are the stages of operation of the IONIFLASH MACH lightning rod?

  1. Approach of the lightning phenomenon.
  2. Detection of the lightning frequency by the ESE internal device.
  3. Elevation of electrostatic field on Earth.
  4. Tip effect at the top of the IONIFLASH MACH® lightning rod
  5. Increase of the tip effect by the potential tips.
  6. Electrostatic charge of the atmospheric electrode.
  7. Breakdown of the principal and internal early streamer emission device.
  8. Creation of the germ electron at the top of the air terminal.
  9. Upward leader generated.
  10. Connection between upward and downward leaders (lightning strike).
  11. Discharge of the lightning at the top of the air terminal and flow of the lightning current through earth electrode.

What Certificates Does IONIFLASH MACH Lightning rod Have??

  • The IONIFLASH MACH rod has a certificate certifying that it has been tested according to the new test criteria according to NFC standard exams 17.102-2011.
  • The IONIFLASH MACH rod has a certificate certifying that the lightning arrester has been tested with a current rating of 200 KA (class H) in accordance with IEC-60-1, IEC 1083-1 and EN 50164-1.
  • The IONIFLASH MACH rod has a certificate that certifies that the lightning insulation is tested under rain conditions according to IEC / EN 60060-1 standard: Insulation tests performed on site and in the Laboratory.
  • The IONIFLASH MACH rod has a certificate certifying that it has been manufactured from AISI 316L steel so as not to corrode and thus ensure their long life.
  • The IONIFLASH MACH rod has a certificate that certifies the tests made to determine the “overtaking time”.

All certificates and tests are certified by the International BUREAU VERITAS Control Authority.

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All lightning rods are supplied with the following documents:

certification IONIFLASH

Still not sure this is the best lightning rod? FRANCE PARATONNERRES, which produces these lightning rods, is responsible for the lightning protection of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Find out more about them here:

The IONIFLASH MACH lightning rods are manufacture with different early streamer emission – 15, 25, 30, 45 and 60, and for their efficiency and qualities, they speak of the objects they are protecting (almost all major airports, space stations, buildings of national, cultural and historical monuments, etc.).

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