Cathodic protection system to Mondi Stamboliyski EAD gas pipeline

We are delighted to share our success, that we have designed and built a cathodic protection system (CP) of the low pressure gas pipeline from AGRS to Mondi TPP owned by Mondi Stamboliyski EAD. In October, we installed an automatic cathode station manufactured by the British company Cathodic Protection Co. Limited and three titanium electrodes MMO, which are the latest generation of anodes and which have many advantages over the ferrosilicon electrodes currently used in Bulgaria. The cathodic protection system will provide the pipeline with another 25 years of life without the risk of corrosion. Paradise Electric is well acquainted with all up-to-day international standards for cathodic protection NACE and ISO and successfully applies this knowledge for the design and construction of the CP systems.

Our company specializes in the construction of external and internal cathodic protection of metal pipes, earthing installations, gas pipelines, ships, ports, gas and oil storage tanks, water pipes, reservoirs etc. We have extensive experience in the industrial services by providing integrated solutions for galvanic corrosion problems.