Cathodic Protection – Corrosion protection

cathodic protection

Corrosion is an aggressive form of rusting. The rust of each fuel tank or gas pipe can be fatal. The heavy tanks used for a fuel storage and the piping for gas and oil may seem unbreakable but over the time the steel is aging and this is evident by the rusting. Sometimes, rust appears only on the steel surface and does not cause serious concern, but if it is buried in moist soil with plenty of a natural organic matter, the process of rusting can be accelerated. We call this corrosion. With the time, the corrosion leads to the structural problems causing cracks and holes in the steel.

We offer different services in order to avoid corrosion.

Design and building of safeguards against the metal pipes’ corrosion, grounding systems, storage tanks for gas, oil, water reservoirs (tanks, containers for liquid gas) and others.

Some of the services we offer, related to this topic are:

  1. Design, construction and bringing into use of systems for cathodic protection with “sacrificial anodes” or cathodic protection with an external source of electricity.
  2. Measurement and maintenance
  3. Delivery systems for cathodic protection (sacrificial anode cathodic stations, portable and permanent copper sulfate electrodes (CuSO4), etc.).
  4. Revision, maintenance, and diagnostics systems for cathodic protection

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