Grounding Systems

Grounding Systems

Design, Installation and maintenance of grounding systems.

We offer full engineering services for grounding systems: Design, diagnostics, maintenance and construction.

The grounding systems have several objectives:

  1. To reduce the risk of people and animals’ death.
  2. To create a path with low impedance for faulted currents to the ground (short circuit) enabling effective protection.
  3. To improve the lightning protection system and feet preservation from contact voltage within the normal range.
  4. To prevent high potential differences that are dangerous for the people and the devices.
  5. To improve the operational reliability of the devices.
  6. To establish a secure path for static charges and disturbances dissipation.

Our experience in this area allows us to design and build any type of grounding for different systems

For example: for substations (medium and high voltage), for wind and photovoltaic power plants, for reducing a RF radiation (signal reference grid) in computer centers, for protection of electrostatic induction, for centers for fuel loading and unloading and fuel tanks, for exhaust pipes, for telecom stations and stations for oil wells, refineries, pipelines and water supply systems, for swimming pools, electronic sensitive devices and communication lines (telephone, radio), for hospitals and surgeries, for power transmission overhead lines (towers) of high and medium voltage, grounding protection systems for transformers, for lightning protection system and others.

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