Lightning protection

lighting protection

Full Engineering: Design, diagnostics, maintenance, and construction

Lightning protection installation, which is designed and constructed according to the modern operating international standards IEC 62305-3 and NFC 17-102 -– Lightning, as any process involving natural phenomena, cannot provide absolute protection of structures, buildings, people or sites that need to be protected. However, the use of effectively designed lightning protection can significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by lightning.

Our company builds conventional lightning protection systems, including isolated lightning protection systems by using a wide variety of materials.

The conventional lightning protection is built with lighting receiver rods, lightning protected conductors and their combination, or with a lightning protection network and lines placed on the roofs of the principle of the Faraday cage and Franklin rod. We could also propose to our clients lightning protection systems with E.S.E. Lightning rods.

Our experience in this area allows us to design and build any type of a lightning protection for our clients for various systems such as:

  1. Lightning protection systems for medium and high voltage substations
  2. Residential buildings
  3. Industrial buildings
  4. Centers for loading, unloading of fuel and fuel tanks
  5. LPG stations and gas stations
  6. Reservoirs
  7. Exhaust pipes
  8. Telecommunication centers
  9. Stations
  10. Oil wells
  11. Refineries
  12. Pipelines and systems for water-supply
  13. Wind and photovoltaic power plants.

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