Power Quality and Energy Management

energy management

Power quality research: Our company, Paradise Electric provides research and analysis of the electrical system power quality for residential buildings and business enterprises.

It is often difficult to determine whether the failure of equipment or software is caused by disturbances in the electrical system that feeds them, because often these signs are identical to the symptoms caused by other reasons. It is therefore necessary to make research and analysis on the electrical system to determine the causes.

The study is the most important tool in the way of identifying the sources of interference.

  1. Technical analysis and diagnostics of the installed systems.
  2. Registration of electrical parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power, energy, disturbance and ripple, harmonics, intermediate harmonics, etc.
  3. Registration of events like dips and increases, transients, interruptions and rapid voltage changes.
  4. Evaluation and determination of the norm implementation.
  5. Solution to problems at situations of sensitive power loads.
  6. Revision of protective currents (switches, automatic safety fuses).
  7. Discovering and eliminating the troubleshooting problems in the electrical network

After the technical survey and the power parameters registration are finished, in order to reach the most efficient, reliable and economical solutions, we use professional software for analysis, simulation, and modeling of the analyzed electrical networks.

Energy Management:

Our company, Paradise Electric Consult Ltd., also performs energy audits of large and small companies to reduce their electric losses and their energy costs. This contributes largely to the environmental protection.

These analyzes are aimed at the equipment used in the electrical system in enterprises such as lighting, motors, transformers, distribution lines and more.

After the research is done, the following measures are taken:

  1. Introduction of technical measures to reduce losses.
  2. Updating, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the supplied electrical systems, transformers, and motors.
  3. Design decisions, maintenance, and improvement of installed systems and certification of their quality.
  4. Correcting power factor (cosφ), dynamic compensation, compensation of power networks with harmonics, supply and installation of capacitors banks and harmonic filters.

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